Intelligent Customer Acquisition

  • Profitable Customers

    Automated, personalised, cross platform acquisition in multiple languages…

  • Traffic Acquisition

    PPC, Shopping

  • Customer Genereration

    Lead Gen & Click to Call

  • RTB & Reach

    Programmatic Display

The Solution

Our tech platform Carbon enables users to harness the power of big data to identify, understand and convert individual customers across Search, Social, Display (including video) and RTB on various devices. Our customer profiling data that ensures the right message, delivered at the right time, at the right cost.

Working closely with our clients to understand their business objectives - traffic, growth, revenue, ROI - we develop targeted paid search strategies for Bing, Google and other relevant search engines and networks. Continuous innovation, consistent attention, and a data-driven approach allow us to maximise revenue, overall margin, and customer lifetime value.

The Tools:

  • Media buying (CPC, CPM, RTB)

    Data fuelled media buying across channels including Search, Social, Display and RTB to ensure media inventory is bought to target the right person, in the right place, at a time they’re most likely to convert.

  • Lead Generation (CPL)

    Using our data to connect with intent-based prospects we can better engage consumers by directing them to optimised landing pages to qualify such leads making it easier for clients to convert them. As a result; we offer more high value leads, at a lower cost-per-customer, and analytics to prove it - all supported by an agile & skilled account management team.

  • Click-to-Call (C2C)

    Click-to-call is a lead generation marketing tool where we generate qualified phone leads straight from a search ads powered by intent data; or an optimised landing page meaning we can generate great value leads at lower costs that reap higher profits.

  • Keyword Bidding, Mining and Optimisation

    Carbon analyses keyword match types and calculates the optimal values multiple times per day and adjusts the bid accordingly. Meanwhile; the Keyword Mining Tool plays a key role in Carbon’s search automation platform, and is responsible for introducing new keywords to a connected partner account based on continually monitoring traffic and terms across various search engines (Google, Bing, etc) in pursuit of high quality untouched keywords.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple channels, networks & Languages to maximise reach

    Ability to target billions of potential customers on the biggest networks (Google, Facebook and Bing), most profitable channels (Search, Video, Paid Social and Display) on desktop & mobile, and multiple languages including English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Indian, Russian and Chinese.

  • Agency model or Self-service to suit each unique user

    We can either work with you on an agency-model to leverage our tech, expertise, and technical support; or we can give you the keys to our tech as a white label product. Carbon is flexible to fit each unique user having used it ourselves across retail, health, travel, and financial services.

  • Automated Bidding & Optimisation for Reduced costs

    The automated nature of Carbon means less human overheads; whilst the quality of our data means no time or money is wasted in targeting the wrong customers.

  • Data-fuelled bidding for Increased performance

    Carbon provides 1-to-1 relevancy for each ad - matching it to user profile, intent & behavioural data - at scale ensuring you acquire the most relevant and profitable customers at the moment they’re most likely to convert - saving time & money.

  • Complete solution for Better ROI:

    With transparent reporting, automated optimisation, and more accurate ad targeting you can make smarter media buying & optimisation decisions in real-time to make for lower CPCs, increased conversions and a better return on investment.

  • End-to-end reporting for whole-of-process analytics

    One dashboard that gives you all the metrics you care about ensuring your brand safety and campaign success via transparent reporting.