AI-driven audience creation to maximise revenue

Carbon uses artificial intelligence to collect, analyse and leverage audience data creating endless possibilities to maximise yields from each unique audience for Publishers, Advertisers and anyone with data.

"Audience Intelligence

Powerful AI driven analytics & reporting from one dashboard that enables better decisions. Carbon operates on a multi-layer taxonomy giving it deeper insight into user interests and purchase intent, as well as inferring other signals such as wealth, family status and brand affinity.


Audience Creation and Segmentation

Create infinite segments based on data parameters such as behaviour, interests and intent to fuel personalisation, better user experiences and data sales via our data partners.  Overlaying our unique intent data creates segments of in-market customers ready to convert.

Audience Targeting and Monetisation

Collecting and combining 1st with 3rd party data helps raise the quality of individual audiences that can then be leveraged on DSPs for better media buying; inventory management platforms for better inventory monetisation; and/or data marketplaces to drive further revenue opportunities from data sales.  In addition; data can be exported via APIs to drive personalisation.