Clicksco takes the Oath

On November 14th Oath hosted its inaugural partner day; where John Rowe (CEO @ Clicksco) and Jay Bhojani (CRO @ Clicksco) joined Oath’s top partners in New York to hear about the latest innovations, monetisation opportunities, and share ideas.


Formed after a long awaited merger between Yahoo & AOL, Verizon-owned Oath was officially launched in April 2017 vowing to create a safer, engaging and more consumer-friendly ecosystem. Having worked with Yahoo for a number of years, Clicksco is now in its top three European partners, top 10 US partners, and generates approx $100m every year with them, so continuing to closely align our strategies is a win-win.

‘This is the third seismic shift we’ve seen in our decade-long partnership with Yahoo. This sweeping change forces us as a business, to pivot quickly, work even more closely, to align ourselves and ultimately achieve even greater successes long term, in an ever-changing industry which year-on-year breeds more savvy consumers and online advertisers.’ Jay Bhojani, CRO @ Clicksco

Oath’s renewed strategic direction since the merge was a key talking point at Partners Day. With key pillars of Mobile, Content and Brands, Oath is focusing on trust and transparency, as well as pushing more high-quality content including video.

  • Mobile: By 2022, 5.5bn people will have smart phones, driving 90% of internet traffic and over 70% of video traffic.
  • Content: Authenticity and engaging with audiences are key as Oath looks to build trust with its users, meaning partners need to take note too. High-quality content at scale.
  • Brands: “Build brands people love” is a core part of Oath’s strategy as reflected in their first brand campaign dubbed “Build your Brand”. By being and building trusted brands, Oath can then offer advertisers high-quality, engaging and brand safe environments for them to reach their audiences.

Oath’s Targets

Propelled by one billion customers, one trillion ad requests per month, one billion video hours each year, and four trillion data points per month, Oath delivers scale, engagement and ROI for partners around the world. Oath’s main target is to continue growing these numbers, such as increasing its reach (from 1bn to 2bn by 2020), developing its strong video syndication business and strengthening its 50+ brands. Mobile video, differentiated ad approaches, and trusted content are seen as areas to build upon going into 2018.

Partners are Key

Oath’s Partner Day was a reflection of the commitment of all parties to a shared vision of our digital future, as well as how important partners are to the success of Oath. As a publishing and syndication partner, we send Oath advertisers intent-fuelled traffic from our own and partner networks, as well as selling a number of products such as:

  • Paid Search Product Feeds: Search product ads appear on Yahoo search results with feed-driven product ad units.
  • Search Box: Yahoo’s search monetisation product provides partners with a scalable solution to have a rich search experience hosted by Yahoo, with the flexibility to optimise the page for user experience and revenue in over 30 countries.
  • Search Reset: Products such as MyTab, which is a browser extension that resets the user’s homepage to a customised page and the user’s default search engine to
  • Intent-Matched Search Ads: A Clicksco product that uses our intent data to show in-market consumers relevant ads from Oath’s network.
  • Yahoo Partner Ads: Yahoo Partner Ads (YPA) is a client side Javascript Solution which provides quality search ads and algo results for partners with owned and operated sites, who manage their own search engine results pages (SERPs).

Going beyond Search: Native, Video and Display Monetisation

Our longstanding, productive partnership with Yahoo means we have some great revenue-shares to offer; and new products planned for 2018 as we move beyond search into native, video and display. Yahoo Gemini is Yahoo’s platform for native advertising and mobile search ads that brings more engaging ads to millions of users across devices and across Yahoo’s diverse network of brands. We’ve used Gemini for a number of the brands we work with, including a financial services company for whom we’ve generated equity release leads — achieving ROI of 60%+ and on-page conversion rates of 1.5–2%.

Beyond native, there’ll also be opportunities for video and display monetisation as well as the increasing use of data from Oath and our Carbon platform.

Clicksco Data Management Platform — Carbon

Carbon is a cloud-based Data Management Platform (DMP) allowing users to collect, manage and leverage first and third party data across a range of tools to enable one-to-one personalised online journeys. We already use this for Intent Match, but new Oath products, as well as further innovation and growth of Carbon, will see it used in other areas.

2018 and Beyond

2017 was a record-breaking year for Clicksco and its relationship with Yahoo. Going into 2018, we want to grow this relationship further as we plan to adopt new Oath products, as well as innovating our own in-house products with Yahoo e.g. Intent Match. We’ve recently hired Alex Hajarha — our new partnership manager — to lead the charge on revenue generating partnerships. So, as well as strengthening our current partnerships, expect new partnerships, premium content brands, more mobile, more video, more native and more success!