Clicksco’s Digital Monthly – October 2018

Google turned 20, Amazon prising budgets away from others, rising data connoisseurship and more highlights from October 2018.


Google turned 20: How will it stick around for another 20?

Google kicked off its 20th birthday celebrations with The Future of Search event, with the main focuses being on making the search experience more personalised, and more visual (e.g. AMP Stories).  Expansion of its travel offeringsYouTube ad extensions, updated native ads in Google Discover, and the launch of  AdLingo – a conversational marketing platform – are further reflection of continued investment in the future.

We should always remember that money talks too and Google’s dominance for the last 20 years will help guard its future.  For instance; reports suggest they will pay $9bn to be default search on Safari whilst Google’s entry into China – Project Dragonfly – could happen within the next year according to reports as they go after their next 1bn users.

Amazon to power ahead

Amazon’s Q3 net sales of $2.5bn can largely be put down to advertising services – 122% YoY growth.  This growth is likely to continue as more brands continue to shift budgets.  For instance; a CNBC survey recently revealed that some advertisers are shifting budgets from Google to Amazon.



Furthermore; a Third Door Media survey found that 80% of Amazon advertisers plan to increase spending on the platform with budgets coming from search, display, and paid social among other areas.  Amazon is also working on sharing more data to advertisers.

Visual commerce

The rise of the likes of Instagram, Snap and Pinterest have fuelled the need for publishers to monetise more images and videos.  Google is getting in on the act too with its AI-powered lens technology enabling browsers to find out more about products in images.


Above: New Snap feature to find in-image products on Amazon.


In preparation for the holiday season there’s been a number of further launches including Snap’s roll out of self serve shoppable ads globally; as well unveiling a “product catalogue” feature to allow advertisers to quickly put ads together, and pixel targeting to build custom audiences.  This is further enforced by Snap’s launch of a visual search collaboration with Amazon.  Meanwhile; Pinterest launched new purchase features including pricing and stock info on all product pins with links to the retailer’s website

Facebook privacy woes continue

Whilst launching new tools such as Creative Compass (for showing ad effectiveness) and Audience Network SDK (for pushing Facebook ad campaigns beyond Facebook); issues continue to surface for Facebook.  For instance; not only did they concede that Portal data can inform targeting elsewhere, but also allegedly over-inflated ad views by as much as 900%.  Further bad news came as they were fined £500k for the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

The Connected TV opportunity

The continuing rise of Connected TV (e.g. 58.6% of US population by 2020) will be hard to ignore for advertiser, but challenges remain around measurement, scale and reaching the right targets.


Striving for Data Connoisseurship

The third wave of data management platforms is upon us – a period defined by connoirsseurship & specialisation.  Whether we call them DMPs is another debate, but this “third wave” is characterised by adding an intelligence layer around audience and unique technical capabilities – something our own DMP – Carbon – is focused on.

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