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From our office in Dubai & an execution network that spans the globe we work closely with the market leaders in search, display and social, which enables us to acquire large numbers of potential customers with ease.

Case Studies:

Aurora London - 50% sales hike after investing in integrated marketing

Aurora London ( ) is an online boutique which sells luxury handbags of designer quality to discerning customers, without the associated price tag. Aurora London turned to Clicksco in August 2017, to launch a digital advertising campaign to tie in with its new website launch.

Despite concerns from Aurora London that they were “too small” for Clicksco, we are able to offer Aurora London the same AI & machine learning tools we offer all marketers big or small, with great results. Utilising the highly visual appeal of Aurora London’s product portfolio, Clicksco implemented Google shopping ads while Google text ads were used to drive volume and capture brand searches resulting from PR activity. Clicksco continually trials new ads and terms while getting the best cost per clicks and acquisitions and high conversion rates, plus by geo-targeting our ABC1 audiences in key areas

Integrating search advertising and PPC with its PR, has allowed Aurora London to grow its sales by 50% within just three months. Enjoying a 3.7% peak on conversion rates, 1% higher than the international average on Google AdWords, Aurora London continue to work with Clicksco on growing their customer network, leveraging new tools (e.g. cart abandonment) and entering new markets.

Real Estate Worldwide - Higher quality and lower costs for investor leads

Real Estate Worldwide (REW) provides high quality buy-to-let property development opportunities for individual investors; managing and supporting the whole investment process, with the additional offer of specialist advice via a group of carefully selected partners. When REW branched out into the luxury holiday-let lodge market, the independent property agent turned to Clicksco for expert lead generation services.

A range of ad channels including search, display, email marketing, and remarketing, from several leading players such as Google, Bing, and Facebook were employed to generate traffic for REW. These channels combined with our keyword bidding & optimisation experience and analytics allowed us to constantly tweak and improve bids and ad creative for REW; ensuring it attracts the best traffic whilst optimisation drives down CPCs over time. Generated traffic was then funnelled to optimised landing pages to warm leads up ready for conversion, whilst more regimented processes were also introduced including a dedicated team of callers to immediately qualify leads.

By partnering with Clicksco, REW has increased lead quality, reduced cost-per-lead from approx £300 to £100, and successfully attracted investment into its latest development thanks to an intelligent approach, supported by big data and multi-sector expertise. After just four months of lead generation activity (May — August 2017), over 60% of phase one lodges on The Retreat — equivalent to almost a quarter (24%) of the lodges on site, were reserved or sold (18%).

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