Data Management

  • Profitable Data

    Visualise, segment and monetise customer insights, macro view down to individual profiles...

  • Macro Reporting

    All your clicks, customers, impressions, cost and profit

  • Audience Analysis

    1st (clients) and 3rd party (Clicksco) data to prevent any customer from being a stranger

The Solution

Clicksco can build you a virtual DMP to manage and protect primary data from competitors whilst freeing up secondary data points to create new revenue streams such as selling data. Using our tech means less time & resource commitment for you with the same end results where you can leverage your own data for a) your own targeting and b) to sell on to increase the bottom line.

As big data specialists we know how valuable user data is not only in terms of its usable value in ad targeting but also its monetary value. Having sold data via marketplaces ourselves we recognise that others are in a similar position looking to sell on their data - that’s where our experience and expertise can help. Having built up a relationship with a number of data exchanges and publishers holding valuable data we are able to sell such data on others’ behalf - adding further revenue and profitability.

Features & Benefits

  • Full DMP from a Lower investment

    Building you a virtual DMP using our own technology enables you to monetise your data with less upfront costs than building your own.

  • End-to-end solution for Total Control

    A full DMP solution to manage, understand and activate your own data at scale; whether that’s for internal purposes (e.g. ad targeting) or selling it to others.

  • Multiple data support for rich data insights

    Our DMPs can support multiple data points - consumer behaviour data; ID data; high frequency transaction data; or unique enterprise data - that combined create rich user profiles for powerful data insights. This includes building custom audience segments.

  • Hybrid opportunities to reap even more value

    Combining your data with 3rd party data can enable the creation of bespoke custom segments for targeting and testing. This creates endless possibilities for grouping users based on unique definitions depending on campaign objectives.

  • Fast implementation for quicker activation

    The lower investment by using our tech reduces the risks of investing money and time into building your own meaning data can be activated much quicker and at a higher scale.

  • 360 view of data to uncover New Opportunities

    Get a quick overview of how you can tap into the potential of your enterprise data and monetize it, to create new opportunities for revenue and growth.