Lead generation yields better sales for property investor

When Real Estate Worldwide (REW) branched out into the luxury holiday-let lodge market, the independent property agent turned to Clicksco for expert lead generation services.


By partnering with Clicksco, REW has increased lead quality, reduced cost-per-lead (CPL), and successfully attracted investment into its latest development thanks to an intelligent approach, supported by big data and multi-sector expertise.

The customer

Since 2013, Real Estate Worldwide has provided high-quality buy-to-let property development opportunities for individual investors; managing and supporting the whole investment process, with the additional offer of specialist advice via a group of carefully selected partners.


It has a portfolio of investment opportunities spanning several buy-to-let sectors in the UK, including: purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA); residential; and commercial including hotels and care homes.

The challenge

In 2017, REW extended its portfolio with the launch of The Retreat — its first furnished holiday-let luxury lodge project.

The multi-million-pound development, built over three phases comprises luxury two-bed lodges, a mix of one-bedroom lodges and a handful of super lodges at one of the most idyllic rural locations in north Devon.

Having previously executed a mix of online and offline marketing strategies to attract people to its sites, REW approached Clicksco with a view to improve cost efficiencies, including low CPLs, and enhance lead quality to ensure the success of its newest development.

The Clicksco solution

Generating investor leads

A range of ad channels including search, display, email marketing, and remarketing, from several leading players such as Google, Bing, and Facebook were employed to generate traffic for REW.

Generated traffic was then funnelled to optimised landing pages to warm leads up ready for conversion. Sites included www.NationalInvestmentCentre.co.uk for residential and student housing opportunities, and www.StudentProperty.org for student housing.

Utilising multi-sector expertise

Clicksco has nurtured its big data and multi-sector expertise over many years, which has helped us to perfect a transferable approach to intelligent customer generation. Using this expertise and experience, we were able to understand REW’s operational needs; identifying call centre competence, digital marketing, and analytics as areas to support lead generation strategies.

Leveraging our skills in content publishing and data matching, we quickly launched successful customer generation campaigns into new and existing verticals, for example solar, financial services and travel.

Addressing more than just lead generation

To ensure the best results, and to put REW ahead of its competition, we considered the whole process around lead generation, from attracting to qualifying, then passing on leads.

More regimented processes were introduced, including a dedicated team of callers to immediately qualify leads.

Our speed and agility in processes enabled REW to launch campaigns to generate and convert leads before opportunities are opened to the rest of the market, meaning REW can target prospective investors faster with the best prices, and ahead of the market becoming saturated, to secure sales.

Keyword bidding and optimisation

Our tech, Carbon analyses multiple keyword match types and calculates the optimal values multiple times per day, meaning we can adjust bids accordingly. Meanwhile; the keyword mining tool plays a key role in Carbon’s search automation platform, and is responsible for introducing new keywords to a connected partner account.

These tools, complemented with our monitoring and analysis, allowed us to constantly tweak and improve bids and ad creative for REW; ensuring it attracts the best traffic whilst optimisation drives down CPCs over time.

The results

Since working with REW, Clicksco has:

Reduced CPL by a third

CPL has been driven down from up to £300 per lead, down to approximately £100 per lead or less.

Supplied quality over quantity leads

Although we may supply less leads than ‘mass-market lead’ providers, we provide higher quality, warm leads with more opportunity to convert.

Supported significant sales

After just four months of lead generation activity (May — August 2017), over 60% of phase one lodges on The Retreat — equivalent to almost a quarter (24%) of the lodges on site, were reserved or sold (18%).

Improved competitiveness

Integrating streamlined, fast and agile processes has allowed REW to generate and convert leads before the competition.

“Clicksco has been instrumental in creating and delivering an intelligent lead generation strategy for Real Estate Worldwide. The speed at which we started to see quality results was impressive, while simultaneously reducing CPL to make cost efficiencies, demonstrating the overall effectiveness of the campaign.” David Coates, Managing Director of Real Estate Worldwide

An expert in lead generation for the UK and US markets, Clicksco offers intelligent customer generation that brings immediate relevance and value to businesses and customers alike, regardless of the sector.

Leveraging our own big data platform, expertise, experience and partnerships with key search engines and publishers, we deliver highly validated leads based on relevant demographics, interests and intent, making it easier for our customers to convert them.

To find out how our tech can grow your business, contact us today: info@clicksco.com.

For more about Real Estate Worldwide, visit: www.realestateworldwide.co.uk