Make revenue from your anonymous audience data

Make more revenue from your anonymous audience data with Carbon’s Global Intent Data Platform.


Carbon is a Global Intent Data Platform serving every online customer that reinvents the relationship between publishers and advertisers to be fair and transparent.  Carbon offers:

 1st Party audience insights & intent data profiling.

 3rd party demographic, psychographic and intent augmentation.

 Personalisation API to improve engagement & conversion.

 Improved targeting for brands based on better understanding of customers.

 Revenue from ad sales against segmented audiences, plus ad tech monetisation and data-sales.

 Ability to deploy audiences seamlessly into >200 platforms.

Collect and Profile your audience data


In order to collect audience data, you need to place a tag on your site. This is usually done via a tag manager or added manually to your site’s code.  Carbon’s solution offers:

 Fast & efficient collection and profiling of audience data.

 GDPR compliant tag, integration with IAB consent management protocols, and complete control over the data the tag collects.

 1st Party audience insights & intent data profiling augmented with 3rd party demographic, psychographic and intent augmentation

 Access to insights dashboard to see key audience trends and breakdowns.

 Multi-layer taxonomy enables us to uncover deeper insights into intent. For instance, knowing the make & model of a car someone wants to buy.

Example taxonomy mapping

Sync and Export enriched audience data


Profiled interest and intent data can then be synced anonymously with marketplaces such as Bluekai and Nielsen to enrich the data ready for selling.

 Our growing network of sync partners – Bluekai, Nielsen, Lotame, and Eyeota – offers global opportunities.

 Data made available to RTB advertisers through major DSPs including Adform, Mediamath, and Google.

 Data can be exported anonymously, into branded buckets, or privately to your own ad server or advertisers’ DSP seats.

The more enriched your audience data is – by augmenting it with 3rd party data – the higher its value.  Below is a general idea of estimated floor prices per profile

Frequently Asked Questions


 Why would we want to sell our data?

Selling your anonymous audience data results in revenue for you whilst protecting the source and customer data from competitors.  When data is sold, it goes into anonymous ‘buckets’ of data to allow media buyers to buy against the audience.

 Who has access to my raw audience data?

Only us & your organisation.  Carbon provides all clients with an insights dashboard where they can access a range of data tables, insights and visualisations of their own data, as well as the ability to manually export that data.

 Won’t it lose value to our brand if we sell it?

Actually the opposite.  By selling the data you can make incremental revenue from it, whilst maintaining the value to your own brand.

 How much money can I make from my audience data?

There are a number of variables here including the depth, breadth and quantity of audience data.  However, the bottom line is the amount of money that can be made depends on the value that customer will derive from the data and, consequently, what they’re willing to pay.  Generally, the more enriched the data is, the higher its value – which is why Carbon combines 1st & 3rd party data.

 How long does it take to get up & running?

Within 24-48 hours of the Carbon tag being activated on your site, audience data will begin to populate in your dashboard.  Within approximately 1 week of the tag being active we can begin testing audience sales.

 Wouldn’t this be a breach of our customers trust?

Carbon is ethical-by-design.  From the beginning we’ve ensured that we are fully GDPR compliant and ethical in all of our data processes.  We have ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accreditation, as well as being a member of both the Network Advertising Initiative and IAB Transparency & Consent Framework.

 We only sell our data directly.

We can help with direct deals too.  You can use Carbon to enrich your audience data further and push it to private DSP seats.

 What’s in it for Carbon?

After your initial 3 month free trial, we charge a % platform fee only on data sales made.

Start making revenue from your audience data with a 90 day free trial of Carbon Audience Management Platform.