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    Data driven yield management of personalised ads, products & content...

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  • Shopping, Feeds, Content & Layout

    Connexity, Amazon

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The Solution

Clicksco provides audience activation and monetisation solutions to help maximise profits from every visitor to a publisher’s website, whilst adding value and increasing customer loyalty. We work with leading players in search, display and shopping comparison to deliver the most relevant and high quality content that audiences will want to click on. Our technology provides strong sales controls, robust reporting and drives revenue; whilst our network seamlessly integrates with any design to offer your audience a high-quality user experience.

We know the who (is clicking), why (they will click) and what (content to serve to ensure they click) to best monetise content. What makes our solutions special is Carbon – our proprietary marketing tech platform that enables us to intelligently and purposefully optimise content to maximise the conversion potential. We use our data & tech-driven approach combined with our core skills in traffic conversion to ensure that the content we serve gives you the maximum return whilst keeping your customers clicking in future.

We use Carbon to fuel our key monetisation channels including:

  • Search Syndication

    A way of generating incremental revenue; providing your audience with an integrated, rich search experience. Our Search Syndication products include an integrated Search Box (branded or unbranded) with Yahoo Partner Ads to monetise; Search Reset that serves up a personalised, Yahoo-hosted homepage; and Intent Match Search ads that rely on our proprietary data to personalise ads served.

  • Display Monetisation (CPC & CPM)

    A risk-free way of earning incremental revenue from valuable display inventory on all screens and channels including video. We work with the likes of Yahoo/Bing and DoubleClick’s AdX.

  • Shopping Feed Syndication (CPA & CPC)

    Shopping Feeds allow publishers to showcase a range of products in order to engage more customers and drive sales conversions to drive their on-site earnings.

  • Personalisation

    Using the power of Sentient Technologies’ AI as well as our own tech we have huge testing capacity and velocity across the many sites we operate for the company and our partners. In the world of lead generation and performance marketing, increasing conversion rates on traffic goes straight to the bottom line so our capabilities in A/B & multivariate testing, content management, and personalisation are key.

Features & Benefits

  • Traffic monetisation methods for maximum profit

    Combining our tech and experience we only focus on the most profitable methods for traffic monetisation such as Display (CPM) and Shopping Feed Syndication (CPC).

  • Insights-driven fills to drive higher yields

    Our big data platform puts your audience at the centre of our ads so we can identify, understand and optimise inventory fills by each unique user to increase engagement, leading to higher earnings.

  • Growing Network giving you access to the best advertisers & Rev Shares

    A growing execution network of 700+ publishing partners and 2,000+ retailers reaching 24m monthly uniques, plus partnerships with leaders in search and ecommerce such as Google, Yahoo & Pricegrabber giving us access to the best feeds, advertisers, and highest CPCs. In addition, our long-standing, successful partnerships means we can often offer better revenue-shares than others.

  • Optimisation experts to drive your success

    Our optimisation experts have vast experience in product integration, monetisation, and optimisation areas across the paid marketing landscape with experience spanning ecommerce, retail, travel, and online advertising. You’ll have the support of this team as well as your own dedicated account manager who’ll always be a phone call away.

  • Highly relevant content that adds value

    Every site is not created equal: site quality is paramount to ensure a great user experience and that’s why we fill your inventory with relevant ads to each user so not to disrupt the user experience with irrelevant or generic ads.

  • Dedicated Dashboard to show you Measureable results

    A dedicated dashboard to view and analyse traffic, page performance, and ROI to better enable optimisation.