Selling your anonymous data for maximum yield

Using Carbon you can maximise the value of your data to sell on exchanges, providing revenue uplift.


The power of intent

Marketers purchase data – in the form of segmented audiences – from data exchanges such as Nielsen, Bluekai, Eyeota, and Lotame.  At Carbon we can help anyone with data to monetise it better with improved audience segmentation and the direct integrations with the key data exchanges to sell that data at the highest yield.  Carbon data is focused upon consumer intent extracted from a network of price comparison, ecommerce, customer review and content websites. This focus of mapping Intent on top of Interest creates niche audiences of truly in-market consumers.

The power of Carbon? Revenue uplift

Using powerful AI driven analytics & reporting and multi-layer taxonomy Carbon provides deeper insight into user interests and purchase intent, which when segmented into audiences maximises the potential value of those audiences.  This then enables anyone to make incremental revenue from data that already exists by selling it through our data sync partners (Nielsen, Lotame, Eyeota and Bluekai) where it is placed within audience buckets (anonymous, branded or private) to be purchased by others, resulting in yield for you.