The Building Block of Profit

Carbon is our proprietary tech stack that powers everything we do from data management & customer profiling, to targeting and remarketing. The stack is made up of a DMP with advertiser and publisher tools natively built on top to help everyone engage more profitably with the billions of people that go online everyday.

Carbon enables one-to-one personalised online journeys, from acquisition, through to engagement and conversion, meaning our partners are never selling to a stranger.Carbon has three core building blocks for profit generation: Advertiser Solutions, Publisher Solutions and Data Solutions, all of which can be offered to partners.

Data Points
Per Second

More Data Points
To Reduce Your Pain Points

By collecting multiple data points from each unique user based on multiple interactions across a range of different verticals we offer varied and rich customer profiles that have fuelled our own efforts across Financial Services, Travel, eCommerce and more.

Clicksco’s core focus is on profitability through personalisation - profitable publishing, profitable customers, and profitable data. We’ve packaged up our AI & data driven marketing tools as Carbon, and we want you to have access. At its very core is our powerful Data Management Platform that collects profile, intent and behavioural data on over 2m new customers globally every day so we know when best to target them, how to target them, and what exactly they’re after to match relevant advertisers.

Our digital fingerprinting blends device, browsing history, and location to create unique User IDs that are built up over time as they touch our own network. By collecting customer-specific data across verticals our data can be leveraged for Customer Life Cycle performance marketing. As a result, our data can be utilised to acquire new customers, increase conversions, and increase repurchasing with personalisation throughout the customer journey.

The only dashboard you need:

  • KPI Tiles
    KPI Tiles

    Fully customisable mini tiles giving quick access to the metrics that matter to you. Set your targets and see at a glance if you are on track to hit goals, spot trends, compare data and optimise.

  • Visualisation Customiser
    Visualisation Customiser

    Build powerful data visualisations to better understand your performance. Responsive charting widgets make it easy to plot the data that matters to you across multiple dimensions.

  • Custom Query Builder
    Custom Query Builder

    Using the Carbon Custom Query Builder you can create powerful reports and query on data not made available in the dashboard by default. By simply choosing which metrics you want to include in the report, applying flters on those metrics and choosing how you want to display the results you can create a wide range of reports and custom dashboards.

  • Audience Insights
    Audience Insights

    Carbon™ allows our partners to understand not just the performance of their sites, but the performance of each customer segment and the ability to compare it against others to enable better landing page optimisation.

  • Predictive Analytics
    Predictive Analytics

    Using Machine Learning Carbon can show predicted performance for the metrics you care about. By analysing past performance, trends and external factors, Carbon makes it possible to understand performance tomorrow, not just historically

  • Audience Management
    Audience Management

    Complete control over your Audiences from inside Carbon DMP. Create both static and dynamic Audiences and choose when to reach them with the right message. Export to various partners for complete online and offline coverage.

The Solution

Leveraging our data on its own or combining it with 3rd party data; we can enable anyone to create bespoke custom segments based on the most relevant user attributes to each campaign. Whether its demographic, psychographic, intent, or a combination of those; users can create one segment to target or multiple segments to target & compare. This creates endless possibilities for grouping users based on unique definitions that fit your objectives.

Built natively upon that DMP are our range of services including customer acquisition & programmatic solutions for paid search, paid social, display and RTB exchanges; and content monetisation & publisher solutions for search syndication, shopping syndication, and ad serving including display, native and video.