Whitepaper: The one-to-one marketing future has arrived.

In our latest whitepaper we share our insights into why and how to implement AI & data driven personalisation.


The rapid development of data and artificial intelligence in marketing in the past few years has created a shift in business strategy whereby businesses now have to be truly customer-centric. Tech – such as Carbon – that leverages data and AI to deliver better, profitable customer experiences at scale has propelled businesses into the one-to-one marketing future where customers get better online experiences whilst businesses can run more profitable digital campaigns.

We’ve all experienced that pushy salesperson, who uses every trick in the book to get us to purchase. Whether we convert or not, the outcome often leaves a bad taste in our mouths as we unravel the techniques and ’one day only’ special offers that we’re peddled.

Now imagine the delicious aroma when popping into your favorite coffee shop. The space feels like home as you enter, playing music you enjoy. Then you’re welcomed with a familiar greeting from your barista, as your preferred beverage is prepared exactly to your liking before you even reach the checkout. Completing the visit with a payment choice that suits you – this is an experience, not just a transaction.

So how can this experience be replicated digitally? How do we provide invisible, personalised customer journeys when building online services?

Graham Morley (Head of Product @ Clicksco) believes everyone can provide invisible, seamless, personalised customer journeys when building online services if they follow a number of key principles.  Find out what they are by downloading our whitepaper below.