Why Consumers will call businesses 169 billion times annually by 2020.

Making it easier for consumers to call a business at the moment of intent can increase sales, revenues, profits and consumer satisfaction.


With approx 2.5bn smartphone users worldwide — a number that will rise to one-third of the Global population by 2018 — the shift to mobile content & ads will only grow. Furthermore; mobile internet traffic has already surpassed desktop at 51.2% vs 48.7% of desktop (Statcounter, 2016). As a result; finding CTA (Call To Action) solutions that match the speed & agility that consumers have come to demand from mobile and digital experiences will become critical if brands want to continue to drive growth.

One solution: Click-to-Call.

What is Click-To-Call?

C2C is a lead generation marketing tool where advertisers pay publishers for qualified phone leads straight from a Search Ad or Optimised Mobile Landing page. Most mobile local searches come with an immediate search intent — people are searching on their mobile phone because they want something now. To optimize for search on mobile, you need to focus on that immediacy. Give mobile searchers the simple, easy, readily accessible answers they are looking for and you’ll win their business.

The Key Drivers: Mobile, Local, and On Demand

With the growing shift to mobile devices, is also the obvious shift to mobile behaviours. 3 out of 5 online searches are done using a mobile with high (often local) intent a common feature of such searches:

  • 90% of actions often happen within 24hrs of a search (Google)
  • 70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour (Mobile Marketer)
  • 95% of smartphone users have searched for local information.
  • 61% of users call a business after searching and 59% visit the location.

The mobile ad space is the hottest area for growth, but it’s unique nature of being an always-on device and gateway to voice communications means brands need to utilise ad formats that leverage these unique qualities. Exploiting intent & immediacy is exactly what Click-to-Call offers and many consumers already use it i.e. Google found in 2014 that 32% regularly use C2C when researching services & products on their mobiles.


94% of UK consumers have needed to ring a company they were searching for on their mobile (Google/Ipsos); thus brands that don’t offer the ability for a consumer to easily call them could risk losing customers. For instance; Google research found that 36% of searchers would be more likely to “explore other brands” when click-to-call isn’t available; whilst 32% would “feel frustrated or annoyed” and 30% would be “disappointed in the brand.”

C2C Value Proposition

For both brands and consumers, the key value proposition of Click-to-Call is to bridge the online-offline gap. Easy access to instant information on mobile devices is driving consumer to demand immediacy; but with conversions often taking place offline this presents an attribution challenge, with nearly half of digital marketing managers in the UK consider bridging the gap between online and offline to be a top priority.

One of the most popular ways consumers jump from online to offline in their path to purchase is by making a phone call. 70% of mobile searchers use mobile device to research & select products and services, using click-to-call to make the actual appointment, reservation or purchase. Mobile Search will remain a top priority for brands, but branded content will emerge as a key focus over the next few years. Both of these areas lend themselves well to click-to-call as mobile websites become the norm.

For brands there’s also the opportunity for increase consumer engagement, as click-to-call offers a compelling opportunity for a brand to interface directly with customers. The average click-to-call conversation lasts six minutes, whilst click-to-call buttons also increases the average CTR by 8% — an easy-to-add feature to increase the impact of mobile ads.

Globally 40 million calls are driven by Google ads each month so Click-to-Call is a clear sales driver; whilst in the US alone, C2C could influence $1 trillion of commerce annually.

Clicksco tackle Click-to-Call

Clicksco have the tag line of “We Make Websites more Profitable”; but not all customers convert on websites. Sometimes to reach the most Profitable Customers we have to think outside the box, and outside the internet. That’s why we’ve developed an effective Click2Call proposition that brings more volume, leads and direct customers at lower prices enabling our clients to convert the traffic we generate. Key elements of our offering include:

  • Keyword Bidding & Optimisation: To generate traffic we use a range of channels including social, display and mostly search. Our data-driven bidding algorithms and keyword optimisation tools constantly check performance to adjust elements to improve performance. Our Google Premier Partner status, keyword bidding & optimisation expertise and years of experience of offering C2C leads in Financial Services, Energy, Home Improvements and more over the years put us in a strong position to help you to execute seamless C2C campaigns.
  • Optimised Landing Pages: to the point & relevant content, effective conversions, less expensive, easy click-to-call integration.
  • Campaign Management & Reporting: From generating traffic and turning that traffic into calls, to analytics & reporting to show how well your campaigns are doing; we can ensure your C2C campaigns hit the spot. Partnering with Invoca means we can track performance and attribution too.

Tailored solutions are as unique as your brand. To successfully optimize for local search on mobile, you need to understand what makes your mobile searchers tick. Your mobile audience wants easy results now. Give them what they’re looking for and you’ll win their business.

Interested in speaking to us about our click-to-call proposition— get in touch with our very own jclark@clicksco.com.