We Make Websites more Profitable.

Carbon Platform

Using Artificial Intelligence & machine learning our proprietary technology platform - Carbon - collects and analyses anonymous data from over 2 million new unique users per day to understand customer behaviour and intent. We then feed that data into our bidding algorithms to help acquire more customers, and our yield management algorithms to serve those customers personalised content and advertising.

Carbon enables one-to-one personalised online journeys, from acquisition, through to engagement and conversion, meaning our partners are never selling to a stranger.

Key Sectors:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Automotive
  • Property & DIY
  • Financial Services
  • Travel
  • Food & Drink
  • Homes
  • Shopping
  • Entertainment & Lifestyle
  • Business

Customer Acquisition


Combining the best traffic partners in the world with automation and data-driven bidding; we allow advertisers to identify, understand and convert more customers across Search, Social, Display, and RTB

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Content Monetisation

More revenue per page view or unique user

Publisher tools to monetise customers, plus reporting and profiling on those unique users for deep commercial insights. We know the who (is clicking), why (they will click) and what (content to serve to ensure they click) to best monetise each site with personalized ads, products and content.

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Data Management

Make sense (and revenue) from data

We build virtual DMPs to allow anyone to better manage, leverage, and sell their primary data; whilst freeing up secondary data for driving further revenue. Carbon can help EVERYONE learn more about their customers, allowing you to segment, leverage, visualise, and monetise your data.

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About Us

Data Experts

Leverage data to create winning strategies

Carbon is our data management platform (DMP) that collects customer intent and preference data to deliver insights such as what the customer will buy next, when they’ll buy it, how often they’ll buy it and how profitable they can be (i.e. Customer Lifetime Value). We use this data to craft your winning strategy for ad buying, marketing messages and personalised content at key moments in the customer journey to maximise conversion rates and drive optimised margin.

Experienced Professionals

A team of Experienced Professionals

Made up of a group 200+ digital experts across marketing, analytics, data science, UX, creative, account management, and covering industries such as financial services, health & pharma, education, retail, travel, and more. In addition, our team have vast experience in successful tech companies such as Google, Yahoo, Havas and many others.

Our delivery team ensure that all our clients’ campaigns are fully aligned with their business goals to get results with experience in multiple languages and across channels. Working together with us means you have a creative, dynamic, and experienced team of data and digital marketing specialists at an arm’s length.

Accredited Practitioners

Accredited practitioners

Our hard working team of creatives, developers and ad experts are all accredited with the certifications so you know you’re getting the best advice and support. Most significantly is our team hold AdWords certification representing our expertise in managing & optimising AdWords campaigns.

Having demonstrated our expertise in Search, Mobile and Display ads with solid results we are also in the top 5% of Google Partners in gaining Premier status. Our partner status, continued tech innovation, and mantra of "We Make Websites more profitable" makes us an ideal partner..

Growing Ecosystem

Do you want to be part of a growing ecosystem?

The Clicksco Group are digital data specialists with a unique Global network of industry-leading companies, partners & brands spanning multiple sectors, 10 global offices, 21 languages and $millions of paid media spend each year. This global network includes the key search players such as Google, Bing and Yahoo; ecommerce such as Amazon and Expedia; and brand partners which enables us to find customers when & where they’re are ready to engage & convert.

Clicksco also owns & operates a growing network of its own sites across key verticals on which we have vast experience and knowledge in, as well as partner publishers. This ecosystem combined with our agility and digital expertise mean we can fill gaps before anyone else, bringing you the best opportunities, leads and customers.

Make a Profit

Do you want to make profit?

Clicksco is a marketing technology business that builds profit generating tools for websites regardless of their business or operating model. We are specialists of generating outstanding ROI for our clients focussing on strengthening their business through results-driven and measurable digital marketing.

Profitable Customers:

more volume, leads and direct customers at lower prices by using customer data insights to power automated acquisition on all devices, on all networks.

Profitable Publishing:

increased site revenue by personalising the user experience to a one to one level using customer profiling to power automated yield optimisation tools, combined with market leading relationships with monetisation partners.

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